Description: Blockchain infrastructure provider for building Web3 apps. Cost-efficient, flexible and reliable RPC provider with a free plan for 100.000 req/day. Private Nodes. Quick Assistance, web 3.0 site builder, web3 builder, web3 website builder GetBlock is a blockchain nodes provider. Connect to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and other nodes with JSON-RPC, REST and WebSockets APIs.
Pricing Model:

GetBlock Blockchain Node API for Web3 | 99,99% Availability. web 3.0 site builder, web3 builder, web3 website builder Superior Node Infrastructure for Building dApps

GetBlock developer tools and valuable insights guarantee a simple and reliable API access to multiple blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain (Binance Smart Chain), etc.

Dedicated Nodes

Connect to a private server for the required blockchain to get the highest speed without rate limits.

Powerful Toolkit for Instant
Integration with Web3

Our stack of technical solutions for the largest crypto nodes list is set to give an
‘unfair advantage’ to dApp developers of all segments.

Finances (DeFis)

Our cryptocurrency node hosting platform on-boards all sorts of DeFis including exchanges, yield optimizers, stablecoins and non-custodial lending instruments.

As we provide users with the access to 40+ blockchain nodes, cross-chain DeFis can also leverage our instruments.

crypto wallets

GetBlock’s APIs can be integrated into self-custodial wallets to allow lightning fast transfers and swaps with minimal fees.

Also, we can help merchants start accepting crypto as payment methods in e-commerce. Just like that, turn your wallet into a next cross-chain gem.

Play-to-Earn Games
& NFT Marketplaces

GetBlock supports all major blockchains for Play-to-Earn, GameFi and NFT segments (Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana) so it can adjust node infrastructure for every business model.

We can build a ‘Blockchain-as-a-Service’ module for GameFi or integrate it into existing products.

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