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Discover+ - The $10 Game-changer! 100m Calls Over Anyone Else. Build On Web3 Effortlessly! Why Settle For Less? Blockchain infrastructure powering secure, decentralized innovation. We provide all the tools and resources builders need to create incredible products — all backed by unparalleled, globally-balanced infrastructure, guaranteed reliability and security, a user-friendly interface, and end-to-end customer support.
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Read & write to the blockchain

Battle-tested API infrastructure. Providing performance and reliability at-scale. QuickNode's elastic node API processes Billions of requests daily for the world's top businesses and web3 projects.


Unparalleled latency, reliability, and scalability across all major blockchains. Let us handle all the forks, upgrades, and network interruptions allowing you to focus on your customers.

Quicker than Quick

On average, we have API response times 2.5x faster than our competitors, ensuring you receive the freshest data!

24 Chains....and counting

Access 24 chains across 35+ networks. Whether you need Mainnet, Testnet, Full, or Archive Data, we have you covered!

IPFS Storage & Gateway

Upload, store, manage, and retrieve data on the IPFS network through our pinning services and dedicated gateways.

Custom Chain

Launch a fully managed, customized, and dedicated blockchain — built on QuickNode’s industry-leading infrastructure.

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